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Old Car Removals

An old car can take up valuable space on your property and can also be a costly burden when it comes to maintenance and repairs. With our old car removal service, we'll take that burden off your shoulders. Our experienced team will come to your location, assess the value of your old car, and provide you with an instant quote. You can count on our hassle-free same day service, so you can quickly free up space and get paid for your old car.

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Old Car Removal FAQs

Despite having plenty of benefits to old and damaged car owners, car removal is not very popular. This can be attributed to the general lack of public awareness about these services.

Many people have plenty of questions about these services that leave them unsure of whether they should get the services or not. Let’s take a look at some of these questions in a bid to clear the confusion surrounding the subject.
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Must My Car Be Moving For It To Be Collected?

The best part about Cash for Cars services is that the removal companies don’t care about the condition of your car. They come armed with all the tools and equipment necessary to remove the car from your home. Even if the car were so damaged that the wheels can no longer move, they would still find a way of removing it.

Will I Need To Pay For Towing?

This will purely depend on the company that you choose to use because some car removal companies in Melbourne have set requirements that have to be met for the car to qualify for free towing. However, We remove it free of charge regardless of the condition it’s in or the position.

What Makes & Models To Removal Companies Remove For Free?

This is another question that you should ask when seeking removal services. This is because, after removal, any usable parts are removed and sold to people who own similar cars. With that in mind, some companies may choose to specialise in a specific make or model.

Make sure that you ask about the accepted models before committing to a company. However, there are many that accept all makes and models because of the ties they have with second-hand replacement part dealers.
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Why Choose Us?

Choosing MMM Car Removals is choosing a Removals Expert that is not only skilled in the trade but also has years of experience in the business. We have gained the trust of people with our quick and effective services and our excellent customer service. Our team is always willing to help out and deals with each client politely. We also offer the best rates for all accident damaged cars and take care of them in the best way possible by scrapping them through an eco-friendly process. 

Talk To our Car Buyer at (03) 9305 5044 today for a free quote.

My Car Is Completely Totalled. Can I get Some Money For It?

Car wreckers and removal companies don’t look at the car as a complete unit. They disintegrate it and remove any useful part that might be in there. So regardless of what your insurance company tells you, you will still be able to get something in return for your car when you send it to a car wrecker. The amount will vary from one car wrecker to the other, which is why you need to ask for quotes from a number of companies before settling on one.



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